Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cold and Rainy on the Silk Road

Last weekend at the MN Ren Fest ended up being very cold and rainy. Only the most hot blooded of belly dancers were going around without a cloak. In fact, it was too soggy for the Parade, so that was cancelled, and the Festival closed their gates at around 4:30 on Sunday. They NEVER do that, so you know it was bad.

This was our first weekend with Fairy Woot, our new booth helper. She was very cheerful all day Saturday, but ran out of steam on Sunday. Maybe next weekend we'll bring a supply of Pixie Sticks to perk up her energy a bit, she says that caffeine just makes her sleepy. Fairies are a different race after all, they would tend to react a little differently than us mere humans.

I did manage to keep a cheerful attitude all weekend, though. It was fun to see everyone all dressed up in their garb, and to dress up myself as well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Silk Road

A Silk Road: Discover the Riches! A Mid-East Experience, Aug. 18-19

This weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is dedicated to celebrating both Asian and Mid-Eastern Heritage. Festivities include belly dancing, Arabian horse show, yoga lessons and much more! The lovely dancer pictured here is Jeavonna "Something Purple" Melantha and has also worked at GemiGlass. I love all things belly-dancing, and hope to make time to get back into shape so I can join in the fun too, next year.

Things are really hectic at Wyrdhaven Studio, as I have been unable to locate the sign for my shop that I made last year! So I'm busy painting a new one, gathering my costumes, and generally pulling my hair out. The usual pre-show jitters have kicked in. You can still find me in booth #645 under the shade of three giant oak trees.