Friday, March 27, 2009

Framed Art Sale and New Product Page :) is having a 25% off framed art sale. Just use Promo Code SPRING09B - but you have to hurry - Sale ends March 30th! Start shopping today at my Wyrdhaven Gallery where I have even picked out some framing samples for you to choose from.

I'm also super excited about their sleek new product page, it's much more streamlined than before, with everything in handy tabs:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Brownie - prints now available

"The Brownie" prints now available
click here to order

Prints are now available of "The Brownie" at my ImageKind Gallery. Created in the summer of 2007 in watercolor and pastel with a touch of colored pencil for dramatic effect, this Faery is in the business of keeping your house clean and free of negative energy. If you've seen the movie The Spiderwick Chronicles or read the books, then you know a bit more about brownies than the average person. I also have a nice assembly of gifts and T-shirts available at Wyrdhaven Workshop of The Brownie as well, so you can shop for cool Brownie gear now - clickity click.

Thus ends my shameless plug for the day.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The TANSTAAFL Principle at Work

Once upon a time, there were aspiring fantasy artists trying to get noticed and move their careers forward. Then along came a book publisher specializing in Fantasy Art Books who would publish their work and "give them credit" in the book in return! Wow! Free advertising! Sound's great doesn't it? Except for the TANSTAAFL principle. Because the book publisher is selling your art and you're not getting a penny, not one dime, for the thousands or even millions of books sold. But the publisher IS. Please don't give away your art, it's what keeps starving artists starving.

I'm bringing this up because I just got an email asking me for that very thing. I KNOW this publishers from years of talking to other artists, and the artists never see a dime. Here is the email received and my response. Guess what? The person sending this email is getting paid, but the artist's will not be.

Dear Beth

I am writing to you on behalf of the editors of a forthcoming book, The Fantasy Art Bible, which is due to be published by Quarto Plc in the Fall 2009.

I have a letter prepared by Quarto containing details of the book and their request. May I send it to you please?

with kind regards

(Name Withheld)

Dear (Name Withheld),

I've heard all about Quarto and I know that they don't pay the artists for the Art Books that they create, sell, and pocket money for. I'm a fine artist and I don't give my art away for other people to profit off of. As an Empath and a Healer, I'm always astounded that people are involved in stealing the dreams of artists who have already sacrificed so much of their time and energy just to create the work itself.

Then comes Quarto to make the innocent believe that by being published in a book will make their work more authentic or find a wider market, and that they should be honored just to be included. It doesn't work that way. It's a hateful and abusive business that you're in, and if you don't change your life and leave the company, may Karma come back to bite you in the ass. In the immortal words of Isaac Asimov "There Ain't Know Such Thing as a Free Lunch" so please take me off of your contact list.

Beth Hansen-Buth

As you can tell, I feel pretty strongly about this situation. Please do not give up your power, even if a more famous artist out there does. While I withheld the name of the person who wrote to me, Quarto is the publisher in question and should be avoided by all artists like the plague. They are making a profit at your expense. So don't fall for their song and dance and give them access to your talent. You don't need it. This is really just a Con to get something for nothing, from artists who can least afford it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wyrdhaven on Facebook

If you're anything like me, and you just might be because you are reading my blog after all, you've lost time while briefly "checking" your friends pages on your facebook account. So many Aps, So little time! As a general rule, I only friend people who I've actually met in person at some point, with few very rare exceptions. But we do have a fan page there for those who are interested in my fantay art, so with no more nonsense to get in the way:

Check out the new Facebook Fan Page!

We'll try to make it worth your while, heck you can jump in and do that yourself. It is facebook after all, audience participation required. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Dozen New Ways to Find Your Fantasy

That's right! We've got a dozen new ways to bring myth, magic, and fantasy into your everyday life at with our huge website update. Three new sections are made up by twelve new pages filled with inspiration and whimsy. The links in those sections will bring you to one of our affiliate or licensing Web sites, such as, where you will be able to purchase and order the product. As a result, I will earn around 5-10% of the total price, at no additional cost to you.

Our Mystic Stitch Section features:

Mystic Stitch

Officially Licensed
Counted Cross Stitch

Click for details

~ Fairy Patterns

~ Fantasy Patterns

~ Seven Daily Sprites

~ Magic Mushrooms

Faery Favorites features Eye of Horus affiliate products:

Faerie Favorites

Click for details about the Faeries' Oracle

~ Faery Pendants

~ Faery Oracles & Tarot

~ Faery Books

As does the Myth & Magic Section:

Myth & Magic

Click for Details

~ Goddess Pendants

~ Tarot Decks & Bags

~ Myth & Magic Books

~ Magickal Candles

~ Mystic Incense

How's that for an update! Whew, that was a lot of work, but I love the way my little site is shaping up. :)