Friday, May 30, 2008

On the List of Books To Read

On the list of my books that I need to read is everything ever written by Tate Hallaway, because I used to work in an Occult Book Store. Now she's been features in MN Women's Press under her normal name, and the one that I know her by, Lyda Morehouse.
"I guess I'm fascinated by the darker side of people," Morehouse said. "I really wanted a character like Garnet who chose to call a dark goddess to defend her coven, and she wound up-with some complicity at least-engaging in murder. I wanted to pair her up with a parasite of humanity. I wanted her to have some darkness to go with his darkness."

Yup, Lyda knows how to take things to a new level. I am already a fan of hers with her SF books, and I've started reading a little romance lately, as a book was loaned to me to read over my lunch break. I'm a regular reader of Lyda's Live Journal, and I really need to keep up with her books. It takes a lot less time to read a book than to write one, so I'd better get started right away!

Also, I sadly missed the deadline for pre-registering for CONvergence, so I'll be paying the at the door rate. That really sucks, I thought I had until the end of May, but noooooo the cutoff was May 15th. So now I find myself wondering if it would be worth it, especially since we decided to save our pennies and not get a room. Decisions can be so tough sometimes!

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