Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blue Moon Faery

It probable seems like I only update this blog once in a blue moon. I've been a little busy picking up my life and moving it from Minneapolis to Brooklyn Center. We managed to get most of the furniture moved at the end of June, and we are shooting for October to get everything else out of the other house. I'm feeling much more at home here, and I managed to throw husband David a 50th birthday party last month. So it was high time to get back to beefing up Wyrdhaven Workshop with some of your favorite images for fall. Of course this means Blue Moon Faery.

She has always been one of my personal favorites as well, so I wanted to do something special with her. On the back of the mug, I've added the following poem by William Butler Yeats:
Come away, O human child!
to the waters and the wild
with a faery, hand in hand,
for the world's more full of weeping
than you can understand.

It really is a lovely poem, even though it is a bit melancholy at the end there. But it speaks the truth as well. With my retirement savings used up, my dream of being a full-time fantasy artist dashed after five years of trying, and the house I was married in now going into foreclosure, I've had more than my share of weeping over the past year.

The thing that I remember is that Arthur Rackham has a day job, he was a bookkeeper. Nothing artistic about that in the least. Now I work in a billing center in the health care industry. So I feel like I'm helping people a bit. Thanks to Wyrdhaven Workshop, I can finally have my artwork on all those cool products that I've seen other artists selling off of their websites for years.

Perched upon the head of a rather surprised owl, the Blue Moon Faery comes to teach us about how rare and beautiful wisdom is. Inspired by the Blue Moon.
Add fairy fun to any room with our comfy Throw Pillow. It measures a sprawling 18" X 18" with an 11” X 11” image area so you can lounge in comfort. It’s made of ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy canvas image area. Ships with pillow insert. Removable zippered cover for easy laundering.


Anonymous said... me Beth. Lets chat.

Beth Hansen-Buth said...

I'll try to give you a call tomorrow while letting the paint dry. ;)