Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting My Feet Wet

I'm working on getting my feet wet in scratchboard and watercolor, so I thought it would be a good idea to reactivate my account at and search around for some tutorials. When I looked at their index, scratchboard wasn't even on the list, PLUS it takes FOREVER for each page to load. It is a very slow server on their system. I guess we're supposed to be busy working on art while each page is loading. I like to keep my computer and my studio in seperate rooms, so that means running up and down the stairs for me. Not fun.

At least there is a thread where people are posting their work, and it's incredibly realistic too. I'm working on a sketch for a 9x12 board, and I've done the b&w part of two 5x7 boards already. I still have to scan them in as the black & white versions, and then finish them off with watercolors. Once that is done I'll be ready to start posting stuff. I think I need some more tools for scratching, I just have the one for now. I really do love learning new techniques!

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