Saturday, January 23, 2010

State of the Arts January 2010

It has been a long while since I really talked about art here on the blog. Mainly because I haven't been doing much of it. But now that the new website is in the works,, I think I should say a few words about where I'm coming from, and where I'm going artistically. After ten years of painting in oils, and redesigning my website year after year, I decided it's time to close the book on that phase of my life. Out with the old, and in with the new. The number 10 represents completion of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. So here I am working in a totally new media, with a totally new website.

The old way was not suiting me any more. The dirty truth of the Fantasy Art business, and how impossible it was for me as an Empath and a Healer to continue in the field. My life's work is not in fantasy, but in truth, in the visions I have when I go deep into meditation. The visions I have when I pick up the Stav and start banging it with a stick. Here in Minnesota it's easy to see the lands of my ancestors in Norway and Finland, and they are beginning to find expression in my art. Not the art of romantic oil paintings, but the direct art of ink scratched away to find the pure white clay beneath, then brought to life with watercolors until they glow.

And while beyond here there may very well be dragons, they are not fantasies but true spirits of determination, vigor, and power come to show you the mirror of your soul. My life's work is yet to be done, and over the course of the year I will begin retiring my old images from my print shop.

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