Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dream to Reality: Autoharp Aquisition Part 1

OK, now I've gone and done it. I've committed all of my fun money from now through August, and some of my savings, to purchasing an Autoharp like this one pictured on the left. It is the Desert Rose by d'Aigle Autoharps, and I'm already fantasizing about playing it. Now, I know what you're thinking, I've already announced my intention in a previous post, but this time things have changed. I had a question about options, so I emailed Pete, and one thing led to another and a Layaway Plan has been formed. My first payment goes out at the end of the week.

On April Fools day I blogged about my Dream Autoharp, on Friday the 13th I blogged about getting jammed, and was re-thinking my dream. So on Monday the 16th I started asking questions of the luthier and here I am today, making my dream come true. My new instrument will be paid off by the end of August, just in time for cool fall weather, and time to practice for my annual Autumn Music Party with my instrument. Maybe it was sending the invites out to my annual Spring Music Party that lit the fire under me, I don't really know. But I felt so much pressure and longing building up inside of me that I had to take action.

I reviewed my play book and my autoharp books to determine the chord bar layout that I wanted. I knew I wanted to simplify things, 21 chords was too many for me, and removing a few chords would give me a little more room to play. Not quite as much room as in the picture, because that's a 15 chord diatonic layout, but I should be able to reach the high notes with the 18 bar chromatic layout that I chose:

This selection of chords will let me play all the songs I already know on the Autoharp, and learn a few more which I have been collecting from time to time. The other option I went with is the stained soundboard, it just fit me so darned well, I started daydreaming about playing it right away. In the two weeks when I had my eyes toward The Luthier's Classic, I never once day dreamed about playing it. Though I did worry about it's safety should any party guests want to touch it. Nope. Music is meant to be shared, and I can't have something that I wouldn't share with my friends. I'd love to have a few more autoharp musicians come to my parties, dulcimer players as well. Bring it on!

I still welcome donations, as there are four more payments to go before I hold my Autoharp in my arms. Every little bit brings my instrument closer to me. So please click here and donate!

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