Sunday, August 12, 2012

Musical Adventures

Once upon a time the warriors were in a battle and it wasn't going well. They needed to call in for additional reinforcements, and so they used the Merseberg Incantation:
'Once the Idisi sat, sat here and there,
some bound fetters, some hampered the army,
some untied fetters:
Escape from the fetters, flee from the enemies.'
Such is the way of things, that when all else fails, calling for the magical women to come and do their work is what changed the fate of those in battle. In Minnesota, women have taken up the call. Led by the phenominal Dayna Jean Wolters, The Idisi makes music and magic.
'The Idisi is a gathering of women intent on singing and opening the world up to the sonic healing, especially that of the Divine Feminine.

We are a chorus of women raising the vibrations of ourselves, and of those we encounter through music of many cultures, faith practices, and life paths.

The Idisi come together with great love, respect, and honor among ourselves as artists and access the healing properties of sonics to share that energy with as many people as we can.

We are on a powerful journey of Joy, Love, and Light.'
Yesterday I auditioned for the Idisi, and I was welcomed into their company. Rehersals start in October, and I am thrilled to be on this new and wondrous journey of music and spirit, becoming one of the Idisi myself in truth. I have their album and found it to be moving and wonderful.


Fat Diva In Motion said... lovely for you to share your gifts with our sisterhood. You are welcomed and loved fiercely..looking forward to the Fall. Namaste'

Fat Diva In Motion said... are so lovely and we are excited to have you join our circle.

Your gifts bless many

Welcome ,sister..we love you fiercely


Beth Hansen-Buth said...

I'm looking forward to the Fall as well! Thank you for being the spark to many positive changes in my life. There has already been a ripple effect since I joined the Idisi sisterhood, spilling over into my life a flood of excitement and creativity.