Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's Better Than a Dead Man's Chest?

A live woman's chest...Arrrrrrghh...or so my husband says. I know from 20 years of history of attending these shindigs that the two months between now and CONvergence will be going incredibly quickly. So I have some catching up to do on my fantasy films, and those saucy Pirate films are just the ticket. I got my email today that said that POTC Dead Man's Chest will be Arriving on or around: Thursday, May 07, 2009.

That's right, I subscribe to Netflix so I can watch all the movies I want and not fill up a house that's already overflowing with videos and books. I've tried to have the conversation with my husband, when he was saying what a great gift such and such book would be. I told him "No more books!" and he promptly responded "But you'll really like this one..." to which I replied, "I'm sure I would love it but we don't have room for more books...NO MORE BOOKS!"

I know, I'm really evil, it's completely wrong of me to say, but we have to cull the herd one of these days so we actually do have room for some NEW books.

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