Saturday, June 6, 2009

Caught in Lucinda's Web

Today was supposed to be the day I got caught up on housework, where all the dishes would be done, floors would be mopped and clutter would be de-cluttered. Then I decided to start reading one of the books I picked up at Eye of Horus. Nine hours later I'm typing the review, now that the book has been completely devoured. Essentially, I got caught in Lucinda's Web and lived to tell about it.

The story got me from the beginning, because I love a good fantasy and I love a good mystery, and this has elements of both. Throw in a couple of steamy love scenes and we have the romance genre covered too. But I digress. It is a romp worth romping for those of you who enjoy Mercedes Lackey. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I do.

Walking the path between a century old spell and reincarnation, Dorothy Morrison spins a tale about a writer, Tess, who is also a Witch of the Wiccan variety. As such, strange happenings begin when she moves into a new rental house in the South. Overall though, it left me wanting more, more depth, more character development, and more drama. But clearly I found this a fun read, since I refused to put it down despite gentle nagging from my husband that there were dishes that needed attention. So Lucinda's web saved me from that fate, at least temporarily. Overall it's a nice little book.

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