Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wyrdhaven Studio Notes - July 2009

It is the morning before CONvergence starts, and I wisely took today off from work as well as tomorrow. Wyrdhaven Studio Notes include music, because I'm listening to "Meander" by Riverfolk this morning.

Believe it or not, I actually plan to have a new piece of art completed and for sale at the convention. If I can get it done and scanned and framed and...well you get the idea. No work in progress pictures though, I want to unveil the tiny little thing at the convention. I'm heading off in a slightly new direction artistically which I will discuss at more length in later posts this month. Enough to say I plan to be doing some art at the con at my little table in the Artist Alley. I'll have prints available for sale there directly on Friday Morning and Saturday Morning.

I plan to have originals and maybe some limited editions in the Art Show as well.

Riverfolk will be playing at the con too, on Friday night. For more details on the CONvention itself, check out my live journal post of their Email newsletter. I'm looking forward to hanging out with 3000 of my nearest and dearest friends.

I hope to see you there!! :)

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