Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Fell into a book of Od Magic

It happens sometimes, more often than not with a Patricia A. McKillip book, that I pick up a book to read and fall in. Lost in the magic of her words, the subtle tones of nuance and color, magic and light, I am transported outside of my own plain gray world into something brighter and deeper. Od Magic was like that for me, devouring it page by page, chapter by chapter, until I had my fill.

This is a tale of a gardener and a trickster who just do what comes naturally to them. In a world where magic is real, it's very form is explored and challenged, it's nature re-defining itself through the talents of those who use it. Those who had held it in the palm of their hands, who thought they new it's machinations, still had a thing or two to learn. They failed to recognize magics they had never heard of. Complete with the Od School of Magic, and the odd ways people come to that school, this book is filled with enchantments at every turn. Like all of McKillip's books the cover artwork is that of the incredible Kinuko Craft, perfectly setting the mood for your decent into this fairytale setting.

Another must-read from the World Fantasy Award winning author.

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