Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fantasy Fans Converge Here...

Have you heard about CONvergence but never gone? I run into that from time to time, from fans on the outside of Fandom. What is fandom? It's the gathering of fans of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Tonight my keyword is gather, so of course I'm trying to find a way to convince you to come to CONvergence in Bloomington, MN, this Fourth of July weekend.

What is CONvergence? It's four fun filled days with people who think a lot like you do. If you've watched the Big Bang Theory, I can introduce you to characters a lot like Leonard (my husband David), Sheldon (my friend Kevin) and even the occasional Penny from across the hall. You can pre-register and save yourself $20 off the At The Door registration price, so it's $50 Until May 15, 2009.

Art Show Grid PanelsI'll have my artwork in the Art Show of course, and my husband David will be in the Science Room much of the weekend as well. Unfortunately we will not be staying at the hotel this year, we didn't get our requestin soon enough and the hotel is sold out. The commute is pretty quick for us though, being local. At least we had the good sense to pre-register, so we'll be all set when that spectacular weekend comes! I'm even going to see about doing some demos in the art show, it sounds like fun and a chance to Play Art with an audience!!

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