Friday, October 10, 2008

Irish Fairies

I've been reading the Irish Fairy Book, a classic that was first published around a hundred years ago. That was the last time there was a big love affair with fairies among the general public. The version I have has a different cover than the one pictured at the left, and it's illustrate by George Denham's beautiful black & white artwork. There's something really wonderful about pen & ink and woodblock artwork, it evokes a feeling in me that color work just doesn't. I think it's because it allows me to fill in the color in my imagination, which creates for me a wonderful reading experience.

When I say I'm reading a book of fairy tales, that means I'm reading magical stories, as very few actually have fairies in them. But there are talking animals, the man on the moon, and Irish hero's like Finn MacCool. This is a book I grabbed so I would have something interesting to read on my lunch break at work, which is now a corporate job like the rest of you out there. I've also been craving more of the Halloween flavor in my visual world of late. It seems like all the TV ads you see these days are about election these days, and since I know who I'm voting for I've had more than enough of that. Even CafePress, which often features Holiday Themes isn't mixing any pumpkins, goulies, or ghosties in. So you can imagine my delight when I opened the book to read the following:
It was the Eve of Samhain, which we Christians call all Hallows' Eve...The great long table was spread for supper. A thousand wax candles shed their light through the chamber, and caused the vessls of gold, silver, and bronze to shine.
I've had this volume for years, but I apparently forgot about the opening to the story The Coming of Finn. Not only is it seasonal, but it also has that pagan flair to it. The story was delightful as well, no wonder it's the first one in the book. So I'm ready for the magic of the season to begin, and I'm eager to find the Halloween decorations and get them up if I can.

Tonight I'm unpacking up in the Craft Studio, art stuff and witch stuff will be combined to welcome in this most magical of holidays.

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