Saturday, October 18, 2008

Morning Sun

I was awakened this morning, for the final time but that's another story, by the plaintiff meow of Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is a female calico cat who has a bit of a separation anxiety, and the bedroom door was closed with her on the other side. I couldn't say no to that so out of bed I got, and she ran right to the bathroom sink for her morning water. Now we have a ritual which requires picking her up and walking her around from room to room prior to rewarding her with turning on the faucet. When we got the the Reiki studio, the walk had to end because the light streaming through the trees left the entire back yard, deck, and garden dappled in playful light. And Caruso wanted to be let outside. (He's my big black cat and super snuggle buddy)

Eventually Tinkerbell and I finished the tour and she got her reward of which she took two licks and got bored. But all this reminded my of my dragon painting, Eurus Dragon of the East Wind, and I had to get it up into the print shop right away:

All the framed versions on imagekind are designed by myself. Please note that the mats are regular mats, not conservation mats, but you have that option available to you. Also I have elected to go with Acrylic glazing, as everything is to be shipped I worry about breakage, though regular glass is an option as well. I'm sure that the folks at do a fabulous job of packing, so everything will arrive to you intact.

When it gets a little warmer outside I plan to finish planting the Crocus bulbs in the back, then get caught up on housework. The afternoon will be spent packing and unpacking. Husband has a cold, so I think we need to skip the Halloween party we were invited to tonight. I wouldn't be a very good Reiki Master if I got all my friends sick now would I!

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